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Paessler PRTG Traffic Grapher 4

Paessler PRTG Traffic Grapher 4

Bandwidth and Network Usage Monitoring Made Easy

What is it?

PRTG Traffic Grapher is an easy to use Windows software that monitors bandwidth usage and other network parameters via SNMP.

What does it do?

PRTG Traffic Grapher monitors network and bandwidth usage as well as various other network parameters like memory and CPU usages, providing system administrators with live readings and periodical usage trends to optimize the efficiency, layout and setup of leased lines, routers, firewalls, servers and other Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) enabled network components.

How can I use it?

The most common usage is monitoring the bandwidth usage of leased lines, routers, and firewalls. However, you can also monitor many other aspects of servers, managed switches, printers, and other network components as long as they are SNMP enabled.

Using PRTG (Paessler Router Traffic Grapher) you can set up a usage monitoring station for your routers and servers in minutes as you can see in the Guided Tour!

Freeware Edition and Commercial Editions
The Freeware Edition of our bandwidth monitor is completely free for personal and commercial use and may be downloaded for free. Freeware Download
The Commercial Editions of our bandwidth monitor are what you need, if you want to monitor more than one device.  
Product Flyer  
User Manual  
Guided Tour  

Traffic and Bandwidth Monitoring Using PRTG Traffic Grapher

PRTG Traffic Grapher is running on a Windows machine in your network for 24 hours every day and constantly records the network usage parameters. The recorded data is stored in an internal database for later reference.

Here are two sample graphs showing usage of a 1 MBit/s leased line over various time periods:

Viewing the monitoring statistics and configuration is done using the Windows GUI. For remote access to the monitoring results PRTG Traffic Grapher comes with a Web Interface and a built in web server to provide access to graphs and tables using a web browser. More features...

The application works with most network devices that support SNMP. It is ideal for switch and router monitoring and has been tested with products from companies like Cisco, HP, 3Com, Linksys, DLink, as well as with various other SNMP enabled devices (e.g. computers running Windows or network printers).

PRTG Traffic Grapher runs on Windows 98/ME/2000/XP/2003. For easy monitoring of system parameters on machines running Windows 2000/XP/2003 the software “Paessler SNMP Helper” is included for free.

PRTG Traffic Grapher is available in both a Freeware Edition (limited to monitoring one network device and suitable for home users and SOHOs) and several Commercial Editions offering monitoring for multiple network devices and advanced features suitable for corporate use.

Sample Websites

Here is a selection of websites running PRTG Traffic Grapher with live data:


Webserver 1 bandwidth and CPU monitoring


Webserver 2 bandwidth and CPU monitoring


Leased line and network monitoring


Windows GUI Screenshot

The user can individually customize the layout of the main window. The content of graphs and data tables can also be customized (e.g. showing the data of several sensors in one graph; selecting intervals, scaling, colors and fonts). All graphs and data tables can be copied to the clipboard or printed out. (Click the magnifying glass to zoom into the image!)

HTML Webpage Screenshot

PRTG Traffic Grapher brings its own internal web server for remote access to the monitoring results. Compare this screenshot with the screenshot above, both interfaces use the same layout and settings!

VVisit one of the Sample Websites (see above) to see more!

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