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Nuance OmniPage 17

NuanceNEW! Introducing
OmniPage 17

Never retype another document!
Turn paper & PDF into documents you can edit!

Does more than you think — saves you
more than you'll believe!

How much time and money would your organization save if you never had to retype or reformat a document ever again? How much more time and money would you save if you never lost another document? This is the amazing value of OmniPage 17 - the world’s best application for repurposing, sorting, searching and sharing converted documents.

OmniPage 17 uses optical character recognition (OCR) technology to transform data from scanned pages or image files into electronic files you can edit, search and share in the format of your choice. In just a few clicks you could be completing tasks that have previously taking hours.

One popular study estimates a single sheet of paper is copied 19 times while it’s in use. The same study estimates that this translates to a saving of $20 per document when comparing paper and electronic filing methods! So, if your organization’s documents are digital, you’ll eliminate the need to physically store, manage or transport them. You’ll dramatically reduce your costs associated with copying, printing and faxing too!

OmniPage unlocks the potential of the data in your documents. Once you’ve scanned a document or opened an image file — from any scanner — you can do limitless things with it; save it to the format of your choice; archive it to your network for universal access; extract the information automatically and repurpose it.

OmniPage 17 - A giant leap in accuracy and productivity

With OmniPage 17 comes the introduction of our new Hyper-Binary Conversion technology, we've achieved another massive 42% improvement in recognition accuracy for scanned and image documents! And that's just the first in a series of groundbreaking improvements and new features that we've introduced with OmniPage 17. 
This revolutionary release of OmniPage instantly and accurately converts paper and PDF files into your choice of over 30 different formats including Microsoft® Word, Excel, PowerPoint®, Corel® WordPerfect®, XPS, HTML, XML, PDF, and more. The resulting documents look identical to your original – complete with text, tables, graphics, etc. So what does this mean to you?

You'll never retype another document!

OmniPage Professional 17 saves you countless hours of retyping and document layout thanks to its award-winning functionality. This groundbreaking new product gives you:

  • Instantly convert paper documents into Microsoft Office documents you can edit and more
  • Turn PDF files into editable documents while retaining their layout
  • Get the most out of any All-in-One, MFP or scanner
  • Get more out of your digital camera with 3DC Digital Camera Technology for on-the-go text capture
  • Create unlimited searchable PDF files for electronic archives
  • Convert documents to Amazon® Kindle® with optimized formatting for reading and navigation
  • Scan and convert documents into PDF, TIFF and more
  • Share documents more easily using e-mail and Web
  • Convert files in over 120 different languages
  • And much, much more...

Convert paper and PDF files in 2 easy steps...

Converting information locked on paper or in digital files into your favorite format is simpler and easier than you could ever imagine. Load it, convert it and you're done!

OmniPage 17 is

So why waste your valuable time recreating documents? Typing a typical 20 page, 6000 word document, takes about 150 minutes (2.5 hours) for the average person. That doesn't even factor in page layout. OmniPage can recreate the same document as an editable digital file in your favorite format in less than 2 minutes. Imagine the time you'll save when you can avoid the burden of retyping and reformatting documents that you already have on paper or in PDF format.

You'll never retype another document!

Plus, consider these additional helpful features…

Easy to use How-to-Guides – Learn how to use OmniPage in no time flat. Our How-to-Guides lead you through basic terminology and product features so you can become an expert user fast.

Voice Read Back – This is really cool. OmniPage 17 takes advantage of Nuance’s award winning text-to-speech technology with Voice Read Back. The Voice Read Back functionality literally reads your recognized text for you so that you have an alternative to proofing your documents visually.

OmniPage has a rich history of productivity breakthroughs – all designed to save you time and money. OmniPage 17 is no exception. This groundbreaking release delivers previously unattainable levels of speed and accuracy, plus whole new areas of functionality. The result? You'll spend less time working with your documents and more time doing what you want. Don’t wait, order today.

OmniPage has a rich history of productivity breakthroughs – all designed to save you time and money. OmniPage 17 is no exception. This groundbreaking release delivers previously unattainable levels of speed and accuracy, plus whole new areas of functionality. The result? You'll spend less time working with your documents and more time doing what you want.


Don't Wait. Order the
Most Powerful and Accurate OmniPage EVER!


OmniPage 17 offers both a quick and accurate way to convert files into your favourite PC applications. OmniPage 17 lets you turn documents that would take hours to retype into perfectly-formatted documents in seconds. Convert to Microsoft® Office, PDF, Corel® WordPerfect® or many other formats, even to audio files. Get started right away because OmniPage is easy to use. OmniPage 17 is ideal for students, home office and small businesses.

What's new?

  • New Hyper-Binary Conversion delivers 43% accuracy increase for scanned documents
  • 23% overall accuracy increase for PDF and digital documents
  • 200% faster launch speed
  • 21% faster processing and support for quad-core computers
  • New OmniPage One-Click Toolbar in Microsoft Office puts conversion at your fingertips
  • Dramatic improvements in document layout retention to reduce or eliminate corrections
  • Easy Loader allows you to quickly view, find and open multiple documents for conversion
  • New support for Chinese, Japanese and Korean documents added to the 119 other languages
  • New support for iPhone and 2-Megapixel phone cameras
  • 12% accuracy improvement for 3D-Capture using digital and mobile phone cameras.

Comparison Table

OmniPage 16

OmniPage 17

Word Accuracy


Excellent Superior 42% Increased Word Accuracy from Scanned Documents

Advance Flowing Page Output



Improved Table Conversion



Vertical Text Recognition



Recognition of Chinese, Japenese and Korean Characters



Digital Camera Captured Documents (jpg.)

Improved Accuracy

Microsoft® Word 2007 (.docx) Microsoft® Excel 2007 (.xlsx), Microsoft® PowerPoint 2007 (.pptx).

Improved Accuracy

Scanner Button



Quick Convert View

Improved with Form Recognition

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