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MediaCybernetics IQstudio

Create sophisticated solutions for internal use or commercial resale faster with IQstudio

The Image Analysis Development Environment for Windows®
IQstudio enables you to rapidly develop advanced image analysis applications for internal use or commercial resale. Unlike low-level imaging toolkits, IQstudio offers both high-level access to a complete package of integrated components and the surrounding application within which to add your own functionality.

IQstudio offers the right tools to accelerate your productivity and make your image analysis development tasks easier.

Quickly develop sophisticated image analysis applications with IQstudio.

IQstudio is Faster and More Advanced Than Other Low-level Toolkits:
  • Get a Quick Start on Your Development Projects - Accelerate your development cycle by incorporating 165 objects for image processing, enhancement, filtering, manual/automatic measurement, analysis, calibration, annotation, reporting and databasing.
  • Save on Development Time and Money - Avoid extensive coding with component-based programming that allows you to work with high-level objects and dramatically reduce lines of code.
  • Experience Quick Prototyping - Plug-ins and new tools can be developed in minutes using IQstudio. Take advantage of the built-in Microsoft® Visual Basic® for Applications (VBA) for quick prototyping.
  • Customize and Extend - Customize and extend IQstudio in C#, Visual Basic, and VB.NET using the built-in wizards to speed your development process.
  • Rely on Time-Tested Tools - Take advantage of the same tools that Media Cybernetics has employed for over 25 years of application development.

Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore
Softa SuperStore