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Microsoft Windows MultiPoint Server 2010


One computer, multiple users.
Opportunity Multiplied

Provides more teachers and students with access to technology. Multiple users simultaneously share one computer, reducing total cost of ownership: hardware, maintenance, and energy costs. Gives teachers and students the familiar Windows experience, enabling them to focus on teaching and learning the curriculum.

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Empowered Educators. Engaged Students.

Student success is your top priority, so you need to make learning more motivating, relevant, collaborative, and engaging for today’s students and their varied learning styles. Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 is a cost-effective solution that was designed to help you accomplish your goal.

How to Buy

Top 10 Things You Can Do
with Windows MultiPoint Server 2010

  1. Give each student a personal computing experience.
    With Windows MultiPoint Server 2010, students feel as though they have their own personal computers instead of sharing a computer. User stations use the host computers processing capabilities, but provide a stand-alone computer experience.
  2. Provide an account to every student.
    You can easily create an account for each student. And students can set their own favorites in Windows Internet Explorer, customize their desktops, customize the Start menu, save and access their individual settings, and work on any user station
  3. Easily manage student accounts.
    The intuitive MultiPoint Manager interface makes it simple to manage student accounts. You can easily create or delete an account or change a password from one convenient location. Or set up generic or class-specific accounts instead of setting up individual student accounts.
  4. Easily share files, videos, and more with and between groups of students.
    When you drag and drop content from your Documents Library to Public Documents, the content automatically appears in all other users Document Libraries, so students can share information and collaborate on projects. You can even share entire folders.
  5. Create private folders for students to save their private data.
    Some folders should be public so everyone can access them—but some should be private. With Windows MultiPoint Server 2010, students can save files in their own private folders where only the student and teacher can access them.
  6. Watch videos or listen to music and podcasts without disturbing everyone else.
    Plug in a headset or microphone at each station and enable students to enjoy a multimedia experience without disrupting other peoples work.
  7. Install an application once and see it appear automatically on all user stations.
    Whether you use Microsoft Office or compatible educational applications, Windows MultiPoint Server makes it simple to install software. Just install your program once on the host computer, and it is ready to use on each user station.*
  8. Pause your work with the Disconnect feature, saving teacher and student time.
    With the Disconnect feature, students can save their working sessions without logging off, but free up the user station for others. If a student needs to leave a user station in the middle of a project, she simply disconnects. When she reconnects—at any station—later, her desktop appears just the way she left it. And teachers can use the host computer to disconnect students who have forgotten.
  9. Easily monitor the system.
    With the MultiPoint Manager interface, you can monitor and manage user stations easily. See how many stations are being used, which student is using which system, and whether hardware is connected properly.
  10. Get updates and patches through Microsoft Windows Update.
    You can get automatic access to updates and patches through Microsoft Windows Update and rest assured that your systems are up to date. Support is available from Microsoft or from our authorized partners—and you can get remote assistance for additional help.

* Applications do not come preinstalled with Windows MultiPoint Server 2010. You will have to check with individual software manufacturers to ensure proper licensing in a shared computing environment.

Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 Product Benefits

Help schools reduce upfront and ongoing operational costs

Schools can:

  • Improve student access to computers and reduce costs.
  • Increase the number of students who can access computers.
  • Reduce your initial hardware costs because you only need to buy one host computer that multiple students can use at the same time.
  • Reduce your maintenance costs because you only need to service and support one computer.
  • Reduce power consumption and associated energy costs to help your bottom line—and the environment.

Help students increase collaboration and computing skills

Students can:

  • Work on their own projects independently at their own pace or collaborate with others on class projects.
  • Experience many of the Windows features, including the Windows desktop, Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, Windows Search, and Jump Lists.
  • Run productivity applications, such as Microsoft Office and educational applications.
  • Store data in public, shared folders, or use a USB drive to keep personal files.

Teachers are freed to spend more time teaching, not managing technology!

Teachers can:

  • Manage only one computer instead of many.
  • Set up and manage the entire solution easily by using built-in features such as:
    • Simple, out-of-the-box setup and configuration.
    • A simple user interface to set up each student station; manage student sessions; and, create, modify, and delete student accounts.
  • Gain peace of mind with support from Microsoft-authorized partners or directly from Microsoft.
  • Install updates and patches automatically or selectively to help increase security and reliability.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Windows MultiPoint Server 2010?

Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 allows multiple users to share one computer at the same time. It is a cost-effective solution that provides more teachers and students with access to technology.

With Windows MultiPoint Server 2010, students get the valuable 21st-century skills that are developed only by directly engaging with a computer. MultiPoint Server 2010 is easy for teachers to set up and use, and it gives teachers and students a familiar Windows experience.

What are some of the main features of Windows MultiPoint Server 2010?

MultiPoint Server 2010
  • Enables the creation of multiple stations—simply connect a monitor, keyboard, and a mouse directly to the host computer.
  • Provides an individual Windows desktop with a Windows 7 experience at each station.
  • Gives the teacher a friendly interface, MultiPoint Manager, to easily manage desktops, student accounts, and student sessions.
Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 is a new Windows product that allows multiple users to simultaneously share one computer. Ideal for educational institutions that want to provide more teachers and students with access to technology, MultiPoint Server helps to:
  • Lower up-front hardware acquisition and ongoing operational costs.
  • Reduce power consumption.
  • Reduce IT management complexity.

Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 Licensing

    Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 Academic
Overview License software and acquire hardware separately

Best for Academic institutions who purchased Microsoft software through Microsoft volume licensing programs, connected to a domain.
Channel Volume Licensing Academic
Licensing Windows MultiPoint Server Academic license (On the host computer)
  Seats Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 CAL and Windows Server 2008 CAL (For each station and for host computer, if used as a station)
Differentiation Domain Join Supported
Number of Simultaneously Connected Stations: No licensing limit1
    1Actual number of connected stations should be based on host computer hardware capacity (CPU, memory, etc.), station hardware configuration (PCI-E or USB), and usage workloads.
2Actual number of connected stations should be based on host computer hardware capacity (CPU, memory, and so on), station hardware configuration (PCI-E or USB), and usage workloads.

A Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 Academic server license is required for each running instance of the server software.

Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 Academic License


Figure 1: Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 Academic (Academic Volume Licensing) Licensing Model: Multiple simultaneous users may access one license of Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 Academic as long as every accessing device or user (including the host computer if used as a station) has a Windows MultiPoint Server CAL and a Windows Server CAL.

Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 Client License and Windows Server 2008 R2 Client Access License

In addition to the server license:

  • For Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 Academic: A Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 CAL and a Windows Server 2008 CAL are required whenever a device or user is connecting to a Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 Academic operating system. If the host computer is also used as a station, both CALs are also required.

Both device and user variants of the Windows MultiPoint 2010 Server CAL are available to allow customers to optimize their CAL purchase decisions based on their individual needs.

Note: Windows Server 2008 CAL rights may be obtained with the Core CAL Suite (with active Software Assurance coverage on February 1, 2008, or later), or the Enterprise CAL Suite (with active Software Assurance coverage on February 1, 2008, or later).

Microsoft Software Assurance Program

Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 Academic is available through the Microsoft Software Assurance Program. Microsoft Volume Licensing Software Assurance, a maintenance offer that can be purchased for a specific period of time, helps your organization get the most from Microsoft software through a broad range of benefits, including product version upgrades, product support, partner services, training, and IT tools to help you deploy, manage, and migrate software. Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 Academic is available with SA. We recommend that you purchase Software Assurance for your servers and CALs.

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