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iInventory LANauditor v7

iInventory tracks & manages your Windows, Mac & Linux
computers & software
  • Run audits from your desktop
  • Scan & audit connected Win PCs
  • Audits Windows, Mac and Linux
  • HTML & grid reports
  • Access, MSDE or SQL database
  • For hardware & software inventory
  • Software license compliance
  • Microsoft software inventory
  • Easy tree based navigation of data
  • Evaluate now!

Since 1990 iInventory has helped organizations large and small worldwide to audit and manage computer assets. Installs on Windows 2000, XP & Vista and can be used to audit Windows 95/98/NT/2000/XP/Vista & 2003, Mac OS 8/9/X & Linux OSs.

What is iInventory?

iInventory is Windows PC audit software that enables you to non-intrusively audit Windows,
Mac and Linux computers for their hardware
and software configuration. 

Using iInventory you can:
  • Quickly and easily inventory computer assets
  • Check software license compliance
  • See if hardware will support upgrades
  • Spot hardware and software changes
  • Check unauthorized software or files like .MP3
  • Avoid overbuying software licenses
  • Support a helpdesk with users hardware and software data

How it works:

  1. Install on a Windows (Vista/XP/2000) PC
  2. From your desktop automatically scan for and audit other Windows computers on your network. No user intervention is needed or required
  3. For unconnected or non-Windows machines create small portable inventory agents (simple .exe files)
  4. Run the agents (via disk, e-mail, LAN, WAN, login script, internet or intranet) on the target computers. No software installation is required on the computers to be audited
  5. Import the audit data into iInventory. It's stored in an open format database (MS Access 2000, MDSE or MS SQL Server (requires SQL Server license))
  6. Report, manage, and share the audit data with the iInventory console tools or directly from the database

Download product data sheet PDF

Inventory features

iInventory is mature, easy to use pc audit software developed since 1990 with careful attention to user feedback. Its suitable for organizations of all sizes who require a focused computer inventory and IT asset management tool.

Features and defaults are logically configured to make iInventory easy to deploy for new users. Enterprise and power users can apply the many advanced features only as and when required. iInventory is designed to collect, manage and report information just how you want it, automatically and with minimum effort.

  • Information collected
    On Windows, Mac and Linux - Software, license & general equipment records - User questionnaire - Registry key finder
    Read More
  • Inventory methods
    By remote, on-demand audit from your desktop, email, LAN/WAN/inter/intranet/ftp/http-s & removable media
    Read More
  • Inventory agents
    Minimum impact design - Find all file types - Stealth audits - User messages - Collect file header info
    Read More
  • Reports - HTML & grid
    Pre-defined reports - Multiple report options - custom reports - Homogeneous reports for Windows, Mac and Linux - Track changes easily
    Read More
  • Database formats
    Uses MS Access, MSDE or SQL Server - Scales from small to enterprise user
    Read More
  • Software dictionary
    Web based smart dictionary - User editable - Add your custom software
    Read More

iInventory system requirements

  • Install once on a Windows PC running XP, 2000, Vista or Windows Server 2003. The PC should be of a modern specification with adequate memory and CPU to run a database
  • For best effect install on a workstation and then store your audit database either there or on the network for improved backup/sharing
  • You will be able to audit the following OSs:
    • All Windows workstation & server operating systems; 95/98/Me/NT 4.x/2000/XP & 2003, Vista
    • Mac workstations and servers with OS 8.1+, 9.x or OS X (inc. Intel Macs)
    • Most Linux workstations & servers including RedHat, SuSe, Mandriva, Mandrake, CentOS, Ubuntu & Gentoo
  • Multiple console installations allowed to enable easy sharing of audit data
  • Space needed for installation: 25MB. The download file is somewhat larger as it includes various Microsoft data components that you may require
  • Space needed for database varies - average user with 500 computers' records will need 60 - 80MB
  • No MS Access license is needed if you use iInventory with default Access format database
  • For larger databases and/or better performance you may choose to use the Microsoft MSDE or SQL 2005 Express format database (also license free) or MS SQL Server (requires license)


If the answer you need is not in the FAQs please search the Knowledgebase

The top ten FAQs for iInventory currently are:

Your iInventory download

Download a free, full function 100-record/30 day version of iInventory below. It may be used for evaluation or upgraded to a fully licensed installation by license purchase at a later stage.

For installation & system requirements go here. iInventory requires the Microsoft .net component which is installed with the download if you do not already have it on your system.

Once the download is complete close all open applications and run the downloaded .exe file. If you are upgrading from an earlier version of iInventory please read this Knowledgebase article first.

Server 1 Download


Server 2 Download

Get it from CNET!

PDF Quickstart Guide v7_quickstart_tutorial.pdf (381KB)


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